My name is Henry.  I have come a long way in the past 6 years.  I was rescued at 6 weeks from an animal hoarder.  I debuted this handsome furry face of mine, on the local news, as a young lad.  Now, I’m the inspiration for Henry The Dog Marketing and I LIVE the LIFE!  I enjoy long walks, naps, car rides, playing with squeaky toys and bones, and eating peanut butter and apples!  Life is good!  I consider myself as a lap dog.  A lap dog with a bit of junk in my trunk.  I admit, baby got back!  Dogs and people love me, heck even Cleo the Cat, loves me. (Ok, maybe she does not actually “love” me, but she surely hisses and that’s gotta count for something!!).

A lap dog with a bit of junk in my trunk.

I am so glad you chose Henry the Dog Marketing.  It’s named after me and bears my snozzle in the logo.  It’s where fresh ideas and prime artistry meets top-notch service.  Consider yourself to be the “luckiest dog” on the planet. I know the owner personally and she always goes above and beyond for her passions.  You will get all the special attention you need for your business!  Take it from me, I get treats for going to the potty outside!

The Story of Henry

As told by Madam President, Dione Marcelo

It was April 15, 2015 when Henry and 61 other dogs were rescued by the Licking County Humane Society from someone hoarding animals in her home.  I was the first one allowed into the shelter to pick out my dog.  I had no idea if I would find one that I would like or connect with.  It was a bit overwhelming to see all the different dogs the shelter had. Puppies, older dogs, many different breeds were among the choices.  My heart sank to know that all these puppies needed to find a home.  

My eyes immediately spotted Henry as he stumbled and rolled over the other puppies in the kennel area.  I was drawn to his clumsy antics and his short little legs.  I asked if I could meet the little black puppy with brown markings.  The volunteer greeted me with her soft smile and unlocked the door.  I followed her into a small room with the furry ball of cuteness.  The humane society turned all the rooms into meet and greet rooms that day.  They had received a lot of interest by the public to rescue the dogs that survived.

We entered the small room with cheery yellow walls and she turned around and handed me the poof ball.  He was warm and nuzzled up my chest and placed his little soft head under my chin, he was at peace.  I felt at peace.  I felt tears start to stream down my face as I felt bad for him and all the other dogs and what they endured with the previous owner.

Henry and my connection was instantaneous.  I knew he would be a great fit for our family and the kids would love him!  

I want you to know that The Licking County Humane Society does such a great job.  They love animals.  They need everyone’s help to continue taking such stellar care of animals like Henry.  Henry the Dog Marketing donates proceeds to the Licking County Humane Society with every job we do.  Henry wants us all to donate and treat all animals with love and kindness!

Click the Donate Link to help the Licking County Humane Society to improve the lives and offset the costs of caring for animals.  Go to the Licking County Humane Society to become a forever home for the animals that need adoption.  Henry is the best dog ever.  There is not one day that I doubt his love and gratitude for his forever family!

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