Branding is the creation of unique and distinctive design that identifies your company, your company’s products, and personality.  It is a combination of a name, colors, fonts, logo, tone, vocabulary, tagline, company ethics, and consumer standards.  The brand of a company is associated with its reputation.  A brand establishes trust to consumers and attracts an audience.  



Marketing is creating and communicating a company’s brand, goods or services through multiple media platforms including print, digital, radio, video, and music and influencers.  Marketing is about creating relationships and strategically building loyalty to consumers.  Marketing is capturing attention of an audience to provide a solution to their problems through the tangible use of a company’s products and services.

Website Design:

Website Design is the process of creating a layout consisting of graphics, video, photos, and written content to reflect a company’s brand and  ensure a user’s experience on a website.  Web Design is done by a web designer, or an IT professional who has both creative and technical skills in writing code, and understanding scripting languages. Website Design can be updating an existing website, adding new pages to a website, or creating a new website.  


Graphic Design:

Graphic Design is a creation of visual content to communicate a message in marketing.  Graphic design uses images, typography, and colors in a layout of informational architecture to enhance a message or define an idea.  A graphic designer creates flow and balance to marketing materials and website design. 

Mobile Apps:

Mobile Application (App) is an application of software used to run on a mobile phone or tablet.  It is a creation of technology of various tools, components, frameworks, and other technologies configured together to establish customer loyalty and directly communicate promotions and information to the consumer.


Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process to create content recognizable to Google rankings.  This is done by creating URL, titles, descriptions, anchor text, image descriptions and headers.  SEO takes a piece of optimized online content from a website and captures organic traffic through key words and phrases. The purpose of having a  website optimized  is so that Google and other search engines recognize your website as valid and functional, creating more traffic visiting your website.

Social Media Campaigns:

Social Media Campaigns are a series of branded posts that are a coordinated marketing effort, representing a specific goal  promoting a service, product, or event on a social media platform.  The outcomes can be tracked and measured.   A social media campaign can be loaded onto one platform or many.  Social media campaigns are used to achieve positive brand perception,  increase customer interaction, increase website traffic, drive sales, and build email marketing lists.



Presentations are formal speeches made to propose or promote a new product, service, or idea.  It is directed to a specific audience and may use digital means, video, or physical props to establish a defined message.  A presentation is usually a demonstration, an introduction, or a speech meant to clarify a topic of interest.  

Audio and Visual:

Audio and Visual is content media that represents a brand, product, or service.  It can be broadcast content or created for social media platforms and presentations.  Audio and visual means are often used to display and associate imagery with a message of a brand.  Television and radio commercials, social media campaigns, websites, company videos are all examples of audio and visual services.


Speech Writing:

Speech Writing is sharing thoughts through words to an audience to obtain a specific goal.  It is imperative that a speech grab the attention of an audience to be successful.  Speech writing follows a specific structure and is an artform used to convey a specific idea to an audience. Speech delivery is as important as the content being delivered and requires skill and coaching to be effective.